Web Security Suggestions/Tips


Avatar Skittles
06 Mar 2013 18:32
Oops, mysql_*
Avatar jsa005
06 Mar 2013 02:58
Pfft, PDO. mysql_connect('localhost','user','password');
Avatar Skittles
06 Mar 2013 18:32
In reply to jsa005
@Jsa And you'll be quite easy to hack via SQL injection. Have fun with the deprecated myaql_* functions.
Avatar jsa005
07 Mar 2013 00:46
In reply to Skittles
I'm thiinking of switching to mysqli.
Avatar M.J kInG
05 Mar 2013 21:44
Nice blog!, But there seem to be a blog you wrote that got denied similar to this one.

+1 thou.
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