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Avatar FlamingRain
06 May 2013 11:30
Why is the ban time on Cu.be 13 DAYS. WHY.
Avatar FlamingRain
04 May 2013 16:17
Hey! Look! Ashleys drawing is there! oh...you dont know who is Ashley? AquaDrop/AquaBeat silly!
Avatar Chrono
29 Apr 2013 17:58
*ehem* This is Akise. xD
Avatar inSein
29 Apr 2013 16:54
I signed up yesterday night.
I actually like it. It looks nice, and I like the name of it.
Avatar Village Idiot
29 Apr 2013 04:02
I click, I sign up, I will like, gooh-bye.
Avatar Waffle King
29 Apr 2013 01:50
Oh boy, is this the browser community for the GameCube that I've been waiting for?
Avatar HullBreach
29 Apr 2013 02:01
In reply to Waffle King
Now I can play my old copy of Phantasy Star Online!

It's always good to see the Nintendo fan community have new browser projects. It seemed like, for a while, all the websites were dying off.
Avatar Waffle King
29 Apr 2013 02:07
In reply to HullBreach
I may be joining the Nintendo browser club soon, I'm teaching myself graphic design and coding and such. If only I had a decent computer.
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
29 Apr 2013 00:00
I think I forgot my username. Shmoopy, I think?
Avatar AnthonyDK
28 Apr 2013 22:56
There you go xD
Avatar AnthonyDK
28 Apr 2013 22:21
I made the Comm network, not DSiBuzz(not even sure what that is xD).
Nice blog though, very detailed and epic.
Avatar Skittles
28 Apr 2013 23:01
In reply to AnthonyDK
I goof'd. xD
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