My Thoughts on the "Man of Steel"


Avatar xXRinoaMayXx
25 Jun 2013 09:06
His uniform was wrong too! They forgot the red underwear that he always put on the wrong side of his uniform.
Avatar Elmeria
24 Jun 2013 16:39
I loved it. I found that grabbed my attention, which not many movies do.
Avatar JacobLauka11
24 Jun 2013 05:00
I would say, it was ok.
I liked it much more than Iron Man 3.

But yeah, I agree with you on pretty much all of this stuff.
And also, I thought like they could have shortened some of the battles... Like in my opinion, the battle at Smallvile could easily have been shorter.

But yeah, it was ok, I guess. And I would say, it is worth probably seeing it in the theaters.
Avatar Village Idiot
23 Jun 2013 15:21
Question is. Will it Blend?

I have a real question. Is it worth pirating or watching at all?
Avatar Asparagus
23 Jun 2013 13:35
I actually didn't notice the religion stuff in it, but it makes a lot of sense now, lulz.

I wrote a whole blog about how it ripped off and lamely took ideas from other movies.
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
23 Jun 2013 09:48
I think I'll get back to you about this movie in a year when it's on HBO and nothing else is on. Doesn't seem worth a trip to the Arclight to me.
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