What is Philosophy?


Avatar lokiikol
15 Sep 2013 00:41
So Buddhism is a philosophy, since Buddha yearned for wisdom, and Buddhists search for wisdom as well. (Buddha himself is a philosopher then.) But one must remember that wisdom is NOT just knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to interpret and apply the knowledge. Just because one is knowledgeable does not mean they are wise.
Avatar Mr.Gangsta
30 Jun 2013 06:42
I'm a philosopher of philosophy. Philosophy's just another way that the more intellectually gifted take advantage of the masses.
Avatar Skittles
30 Jun 2013 13:42
In reply to Mr.Gangsta
Well that is, as I noted in the first sentence, known as "metaphilosophy".

And how...conspiratorial of you. Considering the "masses" general dislike and misunderstanding of what philosophy is and what philosophers do, you're making a demonstrably false assertion.

....Please tell me you weren't trollung me. xD
Avatar FancyPants
01 Jul 2013 07:48
In reply to Skittles
Psst. He's Failtrolling you
Avatar Biphenyl
30 Jun 2013 13:13
In reply to Mr.Gangsta
seems 100% legit
Avatar Rlad116
28 Jun 2013 02:32
Great blog
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
27 Jun 2013 22:41
Avatar HullBreach
27 Jun 2013 11:47
Philosophical questions make great Internet memes!
Avatar fabo888
27 Jun 2013 15:14
In reply to HullBreach
Philosoraptor FTW
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