The Narrator: Reprise


Avatar inSein
14 Dec 2014 11:05
Like a somehow darker version of The Stanley Parables.
When I firsr watched about it on youtube a month or two ago, it was even by Markiplier. Never heard of him before then. Funny how that comes up, now.

Anyway, I like the part where he stands in a closet for seven million years. o-o.

And, I like this story, too. Would be interested in this one's other endings. ojo
06 Sep 2014 14:11
[Flare says she likes this version, so she gives Fancy a +1.Just sayin'. ]
Avatar Icarus
06 Sep 2014 00:46
Heh heh heh
Avatar Icarus
06 Sep 2014 00:45
[The Narrator approved of this story. He had been trained well.]
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