18 Oct 2014 16:58
Great story Fancy! It was so sad. I actually thought that the flame and the snowflake were both gonna be saved. Maybe they will.
Avatar zalkiaent
11 Oct 2014 13:46
This is truly a great story... *sob
Can you make a sequeal?
Avatar LaZerWoLF
08 Oct 2014 02:52
#Envy. Nice work
Avatar Nin10doh98
07 Oct 2014 19:06
SO MANY TIME CARDS... so little time? No, that doesn't make sense. (I'm running out of funny comments.)
Avatar Beauboy
07 Oct 2014 14:55
It was awesome romance and drama between fire and ice it was great.
Avatar monstercat
06 Oct 2014 04:03
I actually took my time reading through this.

I wasn't disappointed.

Definetly one of the best written stories I've seen from here.
Avatar atreyufan1500
06 Oct 2014 00:01
It was so sad with both parts, the family and the snow and fire. I think this may just be the best story I've read of yours.
Avatar Icarus
05 Oct 2014 23:16
Fire and Ice. Fancy, you almost made me cry lol. I don't cry.
05 Oct 2014 22:28
Pretty nice, love between Ice and Fire, I've never heard of that. <3
Avatar RaidaR2000
05 Oct 2014 20:29
That was really weird yet somehow endearing.
Avatar Geminoid
05 Oct 2014 19:57
*infinite thumbs up*
write more pls
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