Avatar princcce7
11 Apr 2015 03:47
been having a slight OFF obsession ever since mark played it and been combing through sudomemo for OFF flips and more on youtube

OFF is friggin awesome.
have you heard the theory about the entire world being based off of a child's imagination and the child being terminally ill and the batter being the part of dad who's gonna pull the plug and let the kid just enjoy his last day and the Judge being the emotional side that wants to make sure the kid gets every possible day?
turning the switch OFF iis pulling the plug.
The guardians are plausibly the kids friends, it obvious the mom is the queen, and Zacharie...
the doctor.
Avatar FancyPants
11 Apr 2015 06:47
In reply to princcce7
I heard that theory but I despise it. I've never liked the idea of "it was all a coma" theories.
Avatar princcce7
11 Apr 2015 22:22
In reply to FancyPants
oh gosh, no. coma's are terrible. i was thinking of it being more of an abstract portrayal of reality,or the story just being one big piece of symbolism.
Avatar FancyPants
11 Apr 2015 23:58
In reply to princcce7
Eh, I still wouldn't like it like that. I prefer believing it's more post-apocalyptic or reality breaking than a different portrayal of reality.
Avatar princcce7
11 Apr 2015 03:48
In reply to princcce7
-1ed myself because i apparently forgot how to spoiler tag and am too lazy toretype it on dsi
Avatar inSein
06 Nov 2014 07:48
You know. I really wanted to play this, and the Stanley parables.
Avatar Geminoid
05 Nov 2014 15:38
This game is so awesome, there are TWO reviews on this site. xD
Avatar AlphaTr1force
05 Nov 2014 02:21
The art style looks promising. much spook
Avatar monstercat
05 Nov 2014 04:56
In reply to AlphaTr1force

there needs to be a spook warning on that art
Avatar atreyufan1500
05 Nov 2014 02:07
This would be more suited under'Reviews'.
Avatar FancyPants
05 Nov 2014 02:52
In reply to atreyufan1500
wait what?

oh. ill fix that.
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