Avatar Finrod
06 Sep 2018 22:48
Honestly great to see this. im absolutely sick and tired of 13 year old tumblr/deviantart girls who listened to My Chemical Romance once, flailing about their "depresion" and using it as an excuse, to stray away from anything even remotely negative. Like no, taking pictures with your IphoneX doesn't make you a photographer, as a matter of fact.
Avatar Musiqcrazy
10 Jul 2015 04:23
That was very well said. Great information! I have depression & was always told by my dad that 'everybody gets sad once in a while you just need to get over it already. I get sad & get a bad thought but then I move on & don't do anything. You're fine quit being such a baby.'
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Sep 2018 05:47
In reply to Musiqcrazy
Your profile picture scares me.
Avatar TehChikorita
02 Sep 2018 00:50
In reply to Musiqcrazy
Being sad and having depression are two different things.
Avatar Finrod
06 Sep 2018 22:41
In reply to TehChikorita
Lets just leave it at that, ignorance is bliss after all!
Avatar TehChikorita
06 Sep 2018 22:43
In reply to Finrod
Avatar IblisFlare
08 Jul 2015 12:45
When I saw this, I was prepared to get really pissed off because of the stream of joke blogs running rampant. Then I started reading it, and I just found it matched a lot of what I felt around my friends. Now, don't take that the wrong way, I'm an empath. I can feel others emotions, even over long distances. Even, over the internet, where I've never even met the person. One member in particular learned this recently. Back to what I was saying, I have a lot of friends that suffer from depression, and me being an empath enables me to feel how they are feeling, and this matches it.
Avatar ZENdaya5678
24 May 2016 02:53
In reply to IblisFlare
That's awesome I'm an empath too
Avatar Zero Lives
08 Jul 2015 00:39
Thank you.
Avatar Lizzie14
07 Jul 2015 21:24
various people have asked me if im depressed & its weird.
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