Saving The World (New series) -Chapter 1


Avatar Finrod
01 Aug 2018 01:51
2 year bump and only p1 is out rrrrriiiip
Avatar Finrod
01 Aug 2018 01:53
In reply to Finrod
well more like rebumped lool
Avatar banjo2
31 Jul 2018 13:48
Tfw thought I was reading Random Word Story for a sec
Avatar ZENdaya5678
31 Jul 2018 17:04
In reply to banjo2
Avatar banjo2
31 Jul 2018 17:07
In reply to ZENdaya5678
Well I meant because of "cut short in a bob"
Avatar jsa005
15 Jan 2016 07:43
Woah, brilliant!
Avatar redflarezZ
04 Jan 2016 03:23
Sooo good. Better than anything I ever wrote on Wattpad.
Avatar ZENdaya5678
04 Jan 2016 02:41
Thanks. Hope you like chapter 2! ;)
Avatar Finrod
04 Jan 2016 02:09
Ooh this is goood by gooood I mean really gooood
Avatar oswaldo123
31 Jul 2018 10:27
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Finrod
01 Aug 2018 01:45
In reply to oswaldo123
lol get out
Avatar oswaldo123
01 Aug 2018 02:03
In reply to Finrod
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