A kind of brief intro into the Warcraft series


Avatar GEMini GUARDian
14 Apr 2018 12:48
Huh, I'm actually wanting to watch the movie now..
Avatar HefMan4
26 Jun 2016 06:54
Wow so much detail! I saw this movie on the day it came out but there were some things in this blog that I didn't know lol...(I thought I was a nerd). The movie was one of the best I've ever seen the hype was so real, the battles and CGI were amazing (like imagine they had to do CGI I'm every single weapon in every battle...) and the plot mostly followed the original lore. In my opinion I would rate this movie IGN 11/10
Avatar marioumarios400
21 Jun 2016 20:44
nice info ty
Avatar Finrod
20 Jun 2016 18:31
The amount of information in here is godly
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