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--CANCELLED DUE TO SNAPCHAT BEING AWKWARD-- So, who would like Snapchat on the 3DS? (browser)

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Avatar FiNrOd
04 Aug 2016 14:04
Cancelled now? Lol
Avatar jsa005
04 Aug 2016 15:08
In reply to FiNrOd
Yeah thank snapchat for that lol
Avatar Rainbow51743
04 Aug 2016 08:26
I'll use it if it's a thing but I won't cry without it...
Avatar KylennR
04 Aug 2016 06:33
If snapchat does this then Instagram will have to as well
Avatar jsa005
04 Aug 2016 11:57
In reply to KylennR
Maybe. I haven't found much documentation on the inner workings of the Instagram app, however.
Avatar jsa005
04 Aug 2016 12:45
In reply to jsa005
This actually looks like it'll be more of a thing than the Snapchat app right now - Snapchat are apparently locking accounts using unofficial apps so I'm going to put that on hold for the time being.

Plus, they already block my code :3
Avatar Monstercat
04 Aug 2016 03:48
0.3mp dick pics
Avatar FiNrOd
03 Aug 2016 23:16
Another one? I thought you gave up after crunchyroll.
Avatar jsa005
04 Aug 2016 11:54
In reply to FiNrOd
Crunchyroll doesn't have any search api that's documented anywhere so I couldn't make anything that impressive.
Avatar redflarezZ
03 Aug 2016 23:13
Will 3ds users be able to interact with mobile divice users?
Avatar redflarezZ
03 Aug 2016 23:13
In reply to redflarezZ
Device *
Avatar jsa005
04 Aug 2016 11:53
In reply to redflarezZ
Yeah, it'll be an unofficial client for the standard snapchat
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