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How can Nintendo top Breath of the Wild?

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Avatar jsa005
11 Apr 2017 09:19
I haven't played it yet, but from the footage Is seen online, and what my friends have said about it, it looks really good.
What I like the most about Nintendo is their relentless innovation and I suppose the Switch had slightly disappointed me there but I think Breath of the Wild certainly send to have a great formula, although I think rather than sequels it might be better for Nintendo to switch to an episodic model?
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Apr 2017 20:56
Raiding village lads is fun.
Avatar Monstercat
09 Apr 2017 15:15
double the world map to 720 km^2
Avatar ShaDowTecH
09 Apr 2017 07:05
You know what we need now?

For reals, the new Mario game will probably have more happening while it takes place in one city than it does when it takes place in an entire galaxy.
Avatar Thi500
09 Apr 2017 14:06
In reply to ShaDowTecH
I still think an open world Mario would be amazing.
Avatar Thi500
09 Apr 2017 01:21
The only way they can top BoTW is with another Zelda with the same formula.
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