Suck on this Haru


Avatar MIMtheHERO
08 May 2018 15:57
Half the writing looks like boxes... But meh. Not loading for me.
Avatar Finrod
09 May 2018 13:29
In reply to MIMtheHERO
You wouldn’t read it if you could, trust me
Avatar banjo2
12 May 2018 03:55
In reply to Finrod
I would.
Avatar Keendrick
06 Jul 2017 23:32
Didn't read lol.
Avatar Antleon
03 Jun 2017 18:31
tl;dr ;-;
Avatar HullBreach
02 Jun 2017 14:34
I thought about reading the blog but can't hold a headstand that long.
Avatar Finrod
02 Jun 2017 15:10
In reply to HullBreach
Orientation lock is your friend.
Avatar jsa005
04 Jun 2017 22:17
In reply to Finrod
Might work for you kids with your fancy whizz-bang fruit phones, but not for me with my Android.
Avatar Finrod
06 Jun 2017 22:29
In reply to jsa005
Upgrade to windows 2
Avatar banjo2
07 Jan 2018 06:08
In reply to Finrod
send link and thank
Avatar ZENdaya5678
07 Aug 2017 06:09
In reply to Finrod
How are you gonna read with that
Avatar Rlad116
01 Jun 2017 06:29
Thanks for that info
Avatar Finrod
01 Jun 2017 12:16
In reply to Rlad116
Avatar Gemini Guardian
01 Jun 2017 03:20
tfw you're on a DSi atm.
Avatar AssassinKitten
31 May 2017 23:44
I was gonna read that. Buuut I decided not to.
Avatar oswaldo123
31 May 2017 22:27
It is actually a decent blog.
Avatar Finrod
31 May 2017 23:16
In reply to oswaldo123
If only you knew.
Avatar Luisjo96
31 May 2017 21:39
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