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Avatar dsi gamer
17 Mar 2019 01:26
Avatar Gemini Guardian
16 Mar 2018 03:41
Will all of these be available here on DSiPaint? And will they be playable through a DSi?
Avatar HullBreach
17 Mar 2018 19:10
In reply to Gemini Guardian
They will be eShop games.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
18 Mar 2018 04:25
In reply to HullBreach
Ah, I see.

Well, now I feel silly for asking that question >n>
Avatar Finrod
10 Mar 2018 16:14
Avatar jsa005
10 Mar 2018 10:12
Exciting stuff, can't wait to see what you make!
Avatar Arch_Enemy
10 Mar 2018 02:48

Avatar Divine Crusader
10 Mar 2018 02:35
Good to hear your guys are keeping active. Hope you lot do well this year.

Just two quick questions;

- Would you guys still consider picking up TMJ again or are you too busy with your current projects?

- May have missed previous annoucements but is their any big project in the works for the switch outside of SDK Paint 2?
Avatar HullBreach
10 Mar 2018 03:55
In reply to Divine Crusader
TMJ is still planned. The art form will most likely be similar to Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo Switch so that we can keep much of the art but put it into a more modern engine. Development will be alongside that of HullBreach: Uncloaked and Tomeling: Darkness Falls, once the current projects are completed.

At the moment, development on the Nintendo Switch needs to be approved on a per-game basis, so we are waiting to pitch additional projects until we have more to show for it. SDK Paint was very popular on the Wii U, so a sequel with more features and hardware-specific features seemed a good place to start.
Avatar Divine Crusader
10 Mar 2018 04:30
In reply to HullBreach
Art form similar to Octopath Traveler ? Love the style, guess it would fit the game pretty well too. I'll look forward to the release.

And was the per-game basis different on the Wii-U? Sorry, not aware of the process. That also makes sense I guess, a lot of people were saying it was good but left them wanting for more features. Would like to see how you add joy con functionality in though
Avatar HullBreach
10 Mar 2018 12:40
In reply to Divine Crusader
They basically accepted anything on the Wii U, once they opened the floodgates about 3 years ago. They did the same with the 3DS about a year ago. From what we are aware, the floodgates have opened in Japan for the Switch, but they are very selective in other regions. It’s interesting, since the Switch is region-free. It’s possible that they are less selected for devs that have been approved. We are hoping that pitching a “sequel” to SDK Paint will interest them, since Nintendo of America liked it enough to feature it on their website a few years ago.
Avatar HullBreach
10 Mar 2018 12:46
In reply to HullBreach
Here’s an archive of the page, which has a really old (and ugly IMO) version of SDK Paint toward the bottom: clicky clicky
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