I rant about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Avatar Thi500
20 Jan 2019 06:47
this blog aged badly
Avatar monstercat
31 Aug 2018 16:18
no waluigi so it sucks
Avatar Finrod
29 Aug 2018 23:39
Thank you Asparagus.
Avatar oswaldo123
01 Sep 2018 13:50
In reply to Finrod
very cool!
Avatar Thi500
29 Aug 2018 03:15
Dr. Mario isn't an echo because he has different aerials

His d-air is a big boy stomp and he doesn't have Mario's f-air

All is f-air in love and Smash
Avatar FancyPants
29 Aug 2018 07:05
In reply to Thi500
Chrom's got a different special attack, and I think different aerials.
It just bothers me.
Avatar Thi500
29 Aug 2018 12:31
In reply to FancyPants
I donโ€™t think Chrom should have been an echo fighter, heโ€™s way to different

Heโ€™s honestly more like Ike than Roy
Avatar protondo
28 Aug 2018 20:40
Dr. Mario isn't an echo fighter for Mario for the same reason Lucas isn't an echo fighter for Ness. Because Sakurai doesn't care.

Also Sakurai said that he'll keep making Smash games as long as there is demand for it, which assuming the fanbase...
Avatar Dedode
28 Aug 2018 16:40
This is most likely going to be the last super smash bros game
Avatar FancyPants
28 Aug 2018 17:37
In reply to Dedode
I hope so.
Avatar Rlad116
28 Aug 2018 15:23
Can't play you in smash when you don't friend me ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Avatar Rlad116
28 Aug 2018 21:19
In reply to Rlad116
Damn and you ignored me..
Avatar FancyPants
28 Aug 2018 23:08
In reply to Rlad116
Shut up, loser.
Just kidding. I friended you.
Avatar Rlad116
30 Aug 2018 23:35
In reply to FancyPants
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