The Glorious Grey Matter - Chapter 4: Working in the Dark


Avatar Gemini Guardian
09 Sep 2018 12:36
Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget? AAAAAAAAA
Avatar Thi500
09 Sep 2018 22:57
In reply to Gemini Guardian
never seen that
Avatar Gemini Guardian
10 Sep 2018 11:57
In reply to Thi500

I n t e r e s t i n g
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Sep 2018 05:05
Alright overall great work again.

one suggestion which i'm sure you were already planning is to make his crime fighting more climatic, instead of just beating up everyone without being touched. Again i'm sure you were already planning this but sooner than later would make the story that much better.
Avatar Thi500
07 Sep 2018 11:56
In reply to oswaldo123
Trust me

It’s coming
Avatar Finrod
07 Sep 2018 21:38
In reply to Thi500
you never see it COMMINNNNNNGG.
Avatar Lydiamashi
07 Sep 2018 04:51
so cool
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Sep 2018 05:01
In reply to Lydiamashi
It'd make more sense if you started from the first chapter! :p
Avatar Finrod
09 Sep 2018 18:54
In reply to oswaldo123
absolute madlad
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