The Glorious Grey Matter - Chapter 5: Schoolyard Brawl


Avatar Finrod
13 Sep 2018 17:49
Hnnngh accidentally deleted but, lol called it
Avatar Thi500
13 Sep 2018 19:56
In reply to Finrod
No spoilers!!!!!!!
Avatar Finrod
14 Sep 2018 12:44
In reply to Thi500
Avatar banjo2
13 Sep 2018 15:40
I haven't actually read the other chapters yet, but this is interesting. I'll be sure to sometime soon.

Probably shouldn't have read this one first.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Sep 2018 02:11
In reply to banjo2
Disappointed h
Avatar banjo2
14 Sep 2018 04:09
In reply to Gemini Guardian
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