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Avatar Spellbound
24 Apr 2019 02:36
Thank you, this is very useful.
16 Jan 2019 05:24
Thanks for posting this. I never thought to look any of them up. Gosh I was lazy. Lol!

Avatar HullBreach
16 Jan 2019 02:15
Great job with the list!

These moods were a long-running joke in the community. I specifically chose the most obscure words I could find to get members hunting for the definitions and having fun learning. I only know probably half of the meanings after all these years, but I kept notes.

Some of your definitions are literal, but the words may have deeper connotations to them. Here are some examples:

“Acephalous” is a reference to someone or something without a leader (i.e. a figurative head). That means there’s a state of anarchy or chaos.

“Janiform” refers to someone who is duplicitous or backstabbing, since that person is “two-faced”.

“Labile” can refer to emotional instability, as well.

“Necrogenic” can be like a phoenix that rises from its own ashes. In biology, something that grows on dead matter applies, as well. This word doesn’t really have a deeper connotation, but it seemed an interesting allegory for rebirth or a resurrection.

“Psittacistic” means that one mindlessly repeats what he/she hears, like a parrot (which is a psittacine bird). This is a reference to people who mindless believe everything they hear, rather than searching for why something is the way that it is.

“Tautologic” refers to circular or redundant reasoning, meaning that a discussion with such a person doesn’t accomplish anything.

“Ultracrepidarian” refers to someone who thinks he/she is an expert in a certain area where that person is not - yet he/she volunteers opinions on that topic.

“Vegatal” figuratively refers to someone who just sits around doing nothing all the time.
Avatar FoodsNightmare
16 Jan 2019 05:11
In reply to HullBreach
hey thanks Daniel
Avatar HullBreach
16 Jan 2019 02:20
In reply to HullBreach
I was just searching for the original website where I got the word list. It looks like they’ve been replaced with some sort of domain squatter for hotels. The website’s name was “luciferous logolepsy”. If you search that term, several similar websites come up with fun, obscure words.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Jan 2019 15:01
i did this when i first joined-- and a few of the definitions came out different from yours, like macaronic and yare and such
Avatar oswaldo123
10 Jan 2019 06:41
how did I forget to like this blog?
Avatar FoodsNightmare
10 Jan 2019 20:53
In reply to oswaldo123
thanks babe
Avatar targeted123
05 Jan 2019 20:08
Good job and thank you.
Avatar JonahBrake2
05 Jan 2019 00:11
This actually helped a lot

Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Jan 2019 08:20
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