An Invitation...


Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Jan 2019 04:39
okay, now this is epic

can't believe its been a year holy crap
Avatar Finrod
06 Jan 2019 01:40
Man in dark clothing? Sans.
Avatar Thi500
05 Jan 2019 19:34
y'all can shut tf up about february now

who even pronounces the r jesus christ
Avatar Rlad116
05 Jan 2019 18:42
February is still spelled wrong
Avatar Finrod
06 Jan 2019 01:39
In reply to Rlad116
Febuary* because your correcting a wrong with a positive, not a double negative,
Avatar JonahBrake2
05 Jan 2019 16:52

I can't wait!


February is spelled incorrect
Avatar Luisjo96
05 Jan 2019 07:15
Who thought she'd make it into smash bros.
Avatar Thi500
05 Jan 2019 05:21
also grey matter comes back next week bbs
Avatar Thi500
05 Jan 2019 05:13
Happy 2DSDraw anniversary guys.

Hope y'all look forward to 2019, I'm boutta write my ASS off for you guys.

Count on some great stories my dudes.
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