Paint has been on a downward spiral.


Avatar Draconid_Jo
07 Jul 2019 15:22
This makes complete sense to me, and I agree with almost all of it.

I'll add this, however:
To me, it seems a big problem is that there just aren't enough creative people here (like you).

I mean, there a quite a few REALLY creative people here, who put out GREAT stuff (I would include myself in that group), but a lot of people just don't put out anything at all anymore.
(I'm mainly talking about blogs, BTW.)

I mean, I'm mainly looking at this from the perspective of a Hardcore Gamer (and a Pokémon Player at that), but prior to me coming here, it seems as though there hadn't been ANY Gaming blogs in over half a year.
Even now, it's pretty much just me.

For a site meant for 3DS/DSi users, that's a big problem, IMO.
Avatar Finrod
01 Feb 2019 13:30
I really do hope this take on such a ‘responsibility’, means you’ve changed as well Thi. You aren’t abusive, you are quite justified overall. but your behavior within the past isnt in fact, or wasn’t at all even “trustworthy, responsible, and helpful person” not too its full extent. I’ll be looking towards something brighter.

Thats really it theres no other problem within this blog i’d disagree with, other than the fact that you literaly proposed a democracy lol. The “troll” vote filter will likely be just like the blog crisis. As you said our community is filled with 13-20 y/o’s. I have zero doubts that even the majority will be troll votes. I don’t think it’s a good idea. but thats just my opinion/////
Avatar Thi500
01 Feb 2019 16:09
In reply to Finrod
To be 100% honest I don’t see myself getting very far if we were to have a vote for admin. Probably wouldn’t even run tbh
Avatar Thi500
31 Jan 2019 21:04
Shameless plug, go read my stories, they're good
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
31 Jan 2019 04:19
There aren't enough rules that's the real problem, rules on moderators to be exact.
Avatar banjo2
31 Jan 2019 01:32
An example of something that kinda needs clearing up is the swearing rules.

The swearing filter has been made optional, right? If off, that means, nothing will be censored. Yet, I believe I recall us still warning if someone used a "hard R," even when not directing it at someone.

Or I have bad memory and don't remember correctly.

Another being that some members will change characters in a swear word to emojis, international characters, or insert BBCode between characters so they don't get censored for people that have the filter on. Is that allowed? It's caused a lot of confusion for me.
Avatar Divine Crusader
31 Jan 2019 05:57
In reply to banjo2
Advise to remove filter. Warn/kick on second occasions.

Anything after that. Sure. Ban 'em
Avatar Thi500
31 Jan 2019 01:36
In reply to banjo2
Yeah, there is an optional filter, but I think people need to suck it up and not get so offended by four-letter words.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
02 Feb 2019 06:30
In reply to Thi500
people chose to have the filter on for a reason.
Avatar Finrod
01 Feb 2019 13:31
In reply to Thi500
Bad execution.
Avatar banjo2
31 Jan 2019 01:45
In reply to Thi500
Well you can't really change that
Avatar Fidel Castro
30 Jan 2019 23:40
Response to a few random points;

- Re-wording rules & re-creating admin list is redundant. The rule list in itself is fine, but applied incorrectly (on occasions). "Voting" for admins will, for the large part, reselect existing admins as they are liked within the small userbase that this site has. It seems like a few want to suggest that mods are the reason that this site has lost users. More often then not, that isn't the case.

- security nag? HTTPS://3dspaint.com. FYI your IP address being "exposed" isn't the main thing that SSL tackles.

- PM system isn't a "hard to read mess". Needs tweaking at best. Most if not all mentioned about several messages popping up which has been changed. Fair point with the loading times though.

Have other things I can say but I'll leave it there.
Avatar Thi500
30 Jan 2019 23:55
In reply to Fidel Castro
1. The rules are outdated and no one even pays attention to them. They need revision. Hell, most of the site doesn't even know the rules since it doesn't have them readily available, and the chatroom message doesn't help, since no one is going to pay attention to that. Be realistic. With all due respect, you aren't here, like at all, so I don't know how you'd know about the admin issue, just saying. And no one said anything about losing users because of admins. About the voting thing, I doubt that we'll select the same few admins, and even if we do, we'd have an admin rule list limiting their power anyway.

2. Hull cleared this up with me. I'm aware.

3.It is a hard to read mess. The clunky visuals make messages hard to follow. If it's been changed I haven't seen any changes.
Avatar Fidel Castro
31 Jan 2019 00:25
In reply to Thi500

"With trusted people and a agreed upon set of rules and regulations in place, I believe this website will be happier and grow more populated than ever."

Implying rules and admins are the cause of it not happening?


- Admins can use discretion to ban members 24hr for: swearing, spamming, porn, racism, dodging bans, trolling, flaming, etc.
- Please show respect for other members.
- Members are promoted as needed, so no admin requests.

"/Rules" being shown as you enter chat.

Sure. Flesh out the first rule. But how is that hard to follow? Again. I might be missing the point here but you rarely ever see people banned.

And sure... Hard to read mess, it's top to bottom, recent first. Tweaking would help it a bit. Doesn't need some rehaul.
Avatar Thi500
31 Jan 2019 00:30
In reply to Fidel Castro
I honestly don't know what you mean here. It's not that they're "hard to follow," it's that they're vague and not easy to access. /rules is EASY, sure, but it obviously isn't working if we're having these problems. A large point you're missing is admins abusing their power, because the rules aren't presented well. People are banned all the time for ridiculous things.
Avatar Fidel Castro
31 Jan 2019 00:40
In reply to Thi500
They're the first thing that come up as you sign up, under conduct. Also /rules being the first thing that is shown as you enter chats.

In fact. Give me one site that is actively being used today that gives every rule (word by word) ?


Would leave to have at least ... 5 examples of people banned for something 'ridiculous' over the past month and it not being looked at and resolved.
Avatar Thi500
31 Jan 2019 00:44
In reply to Fidel Castro
Name a website that doesn't have terms and conditions clearly linked. If /rules really worked, why don't more people know the rules?

Sure, I can go back and look at ban logs, if they're even logged.
31 Jan 2019 18:02
In reply to Thi500
Ban logs are something I want hull to add. Sadly they don't exist. (At least for staff of my rank)
Avatar Thi500
31 Jan 2019 19:11
In reply to TulipsOfLove
Yes, they would help a lot
Avatar Asparagus
30 Jan 2019 23:02
Good ideas.
Avatar HullBreach
30 Jan 2019 20:01
There are many good points in this blog. I will post a response one tonight that addresses the concerns.
Avatar Thi500
30 Jan 2019 20:04
In reply to HullBreach
Thank you.
Avatar banjo2
30 Jan 2019 18:21

There's an existing warning/notes system for users, but, afaik only OL's can use it.
31 Jan 2019 18:04
In reply to banjo2
Unfortunately so.
Avatar Skeptical
30 Jan 2019 18:10
I agree with most of the points you made, but i honestly think that Paint would have to shift to more modern hardware if there would actually be a chance of fixing this site.
Avatar banjo2
30 Jan 2019 18:20
In reply to Skeptical
If so, I'd leave the site lol
Avatar Gemini Guardian
31 Jan 2019 05:58
In reply to banjo2
what he said
Avatar Thi500
30 Jan 2019 18:13
In reply to Skeptical
Honestly, you might be right
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