Admin Meeting


Avatar Finrod
03 Mar 2019 00:30
But nobody came.
Avatar inSein
03 Mar 2019 08:27
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Finrod
03 Mar 2019 16:51
In reply to inSein
Avatar banjo2
03 Mar 2019 01:47
In reply to Finrod
Foreshadowing 600
Avatar Asparagus
03 Mar 2019 01:04
In reply to Finrod
It’s Saturday.
Avatar Finrod
03 Mar 2019 01:48
In reply to Asparagus
Let me destroy dreams asp, dang get back to discord lol
Avatar Asparagus
03 Mar 2019 02:20
In reply to Finrod
big hiss
Avatar Gemini Guardian
02 Mar 2019 05:13
i can make it, if nothing comes up
Avatar Limxzero
01 Mar 2019 18:43
I don't think I can make that time and day, but good luck with the meeting.
Avatar Thi500
01 Mar 2019 20:42
In reply to Limxzero
Bro you're still around??
Avatar Rlad116
01 Mar 2019 18:07
Will be there, may be attending two meetings at same time
Avatar jsa005
01 Mar 2019 17:00
That works, I’ll do my best to attend.
Avatar Luisjo96
01 Mar 2019 16:21
Uh, the fact that my home internet is dead might ruin my chances of being on this, but i could try.
Avatar monstercat
01 Mar 2019 15:28
i'll try to make it
01 Mar 2019 13:19
Works for me!
Avatar Divine Crusader
01 Mar 2019 11:39
Sounds good at my end. Your topics you mentioned are the ones that were needed.

As for the admin part, feel free to message and/or comment on my profile if you want access.

Avatar oswaldo123
01 Mar 2019 07:19
This is overdue, count me there.
Avatar Star Shadow
01 Mar 2019 04:16
2pm PST? I'll set a reminder.
Avatar dsi gamer
01 Mar 2019 04:10
hullbreah i have a q why u do feture blog whean u can do recent, feture, and new blog.
if u need more info i will be in chatroom yoshi

Avatar Asparagus
01 Mar 2019 03:19
Sounds perfect.
Avatar Thi500
01 Mar 2019 03:09
And nice of you to not post after I post a chapter and kill my hype lol thanks
Avatar banjo2
01 Mar 2019 03:07
I should be there, unless something comes up.
Avatar Thi500
01 Mar 2019 03:00
I’ll be there, if course
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