Secret Diary 2 keep it secret shhh


Avatar Finrod
03 Mar 2019 00:43
There’s always too little responsibility, yet we’re under pressure from too much responsibility. Life’s a cycle, yeah..
Avatar banjo2
03 Mar 2019 01:52
In reply to Finrod
P much
Avatar Asparagus
01 Mar 2019 22:54
No, this weekend I’m going to the big city to play games and have drinks with a friend and on Sunday three of my other friends are coming to spend the night at my house and drink wine and eat pizza, this is completely unrelatable.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Mar 2019 02:43
In reply to Asparagus
punctuation, please
Avatar Asparagus
03 Mar 2019 05:37
In reply to Gemini Guardian
run on sentences are my life and i will not be bound by your rules.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Mar 2019 06:05
In reply to Asparagus
Avatar Kin no Kokoro
01 Mar 2019 23:46
In reply to Asparagus
Maybe that's the secret. You need to plan things for the weekends to distract yourself from the crushing reality that it's the weekend and the entire day is out to get you to feel miserable.
Avatar JonahBrake2
01 Mar 2019 19:22
Ohio weekends are b to the oring
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