Secret Diary 3 if you read I'll fine you a million Norwegian Krone!!!


Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Mar 2019 06:22
ok but
what if what you want to experience is never going to be possible for you to experience?
Avatar JonahBrake2
02 Mar 2019 01:40
You should make this a series
Avatar Kin no Kokoro
02 Mar 2019 04:52
In reply to JonahBrake2
It already is one at this point. But sure, I'll ramble some more here
Avatar Divine Crusader
01 Mar 2019 21:39
Become a motivational speaker
Avatar Kin no Kokoro
01 Mar 2019 21:55
In reply to Divine Crusader
You're right, this does sound like motivational nonsense that that one bot would come to with.

None of it actually MEANS anything though
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