Admin Meeting Minutes


Avatar inSein
04 Mar 2019 21:42
Thanks I love it

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Avatar Luisjo96
04 Mar 2019 19:04
This is lots of yes
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 Mar 2019 16:07
sad i couldn't make it to the meeting-- but this all seems good so far
Avatar Finrod
04 Mar 2019 15:09
Oh ****..
Avatar Rlad116
05 Mar 2019 03:55
In reply to Finrod
Yeah that's right
Avatar Rlad116
04 Mar 2019 02:04
I wouldn't mind beta testing but I can't message youuu
04 Mar 2019 00:54
Hmm... We should have 18+ chat
Avatar banjo2
04 Mar 2019 01:16
In reply to TulipsOfLove
A mature chatroom, you mean? An 18+ chatroom sounds like a chatroom for... Actually 18+ things
04 Mar 2019 02:01
In reply to banjo2
Yes, mature chat I mean.
Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Mar 2019 01:31
In reply to banjo2
04 Mar 2019 00:50
This all sounds good!
Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Mar 2019 00:10
What about the new rules set that everyone’s been going ape**** about?

Also, I’d like to say that more often than not, bans are given before warnings. I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that it’s easy to get carried away and say something that shouldn’t be said, and a warning can cover that just fine.

Even something as simple as, “Cool it, one more thing like that and you’re banned” would work. But that’s rarely the case, it just goes straight to a ban.
Avatar HullBreach
04 Mar 2019 00:22
In reply to SkulHedFace
It was a preliminary discussion with respect to conduct. We still have to draft it all up.
Avatar Divine Crusader
04 Mar 2019 00:17
In reply to SkulHedFace
Partially addressed under member conduct, chatroom marked with M will allow more mature content, avoiding the issue outright. But it still will be worked on
Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Mar 2019 00:21
In reply to Divine Crusader
I mean, it’s easy to insult someone without realizing it. Suppose they get butthurt by a joke, or misinterpret what you say. Are they still gonna be allowed to ban because of their own misinterpretation? Because if so, it may as well be said that nothing has changed, lol.
Avatar Asparagus
04 Mar 2019 00:24
In reply to SkulHedFace
Most likely, there will be a warning that says to be careful about what you say. There won’t be a jump straight to a ban if they’re doing their job right.
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