Dreaming of Everything's Existence…


Avatar Draconid_Jo
04 May 2019 07:37
It actually never occurred to me that those lines would be an issue. I wasn't sure about some of them (the ones about torture, and death), but,I never even thought about that one. It was supposed to be positive and reassuring, and the negative lines were always dismissed as lies or illusions (except the line about sorrow, which is very much real). Should I edit it out?
Avatar Thi500
04 May 2019 12:38
In reply to Draconid_Jo
DONT CHANGE ANYTHING. It’s fine the way it is when you wrote it
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 May 2019 04:06
cue fountain of dreams
Avatar CMRocks
04 May 2019 15:06
In reply to Gemini Guardian
my dream is to be a nerd my whole life and fix tablets, phones and computers
Avatar Skeptical
07 May 2019 02:04
In reply to CMRocks
hey that became me for a bit
Avatar CMRocks
07 May 2019 02:42
In reply to Skeptical
you don't want to anymore?
Avatar CMRocks
04 May 2019 04:01
Nice poem!

Thi's not gonna be happy 'bout lines 5-6 though..
Avatar Thi500
04 May 2019 12:41
In reply to CMRocks
I literally write stories all the time about drugs, sex, and gore and actively advocate those stories be allowed here
Avatar Thi500
04 May 2019 12:39
In reply to CMRocks
bruh says who? I’ve written darker **** than that before and got an E rating
Avatar CMRocks
04 May 2019 14:53
In reply to Thi500
I'm saying you're not gonna like them cause they say God is real :p
Avatar Thi500
04 May 2019 16:42
In reply to CMRocks
dumbass. I don’t give a **** what people say is real or not, that doesn’t give me the right to limit what is said in blogs
Avatar Finrod
06 May 2019 15:57
In reply to Thi500
Chill out.
Avatar CMRocks
04 May 2019 18:06
In reply to Thi500
the fact that I'm dumb is true.
you seemed to care what I said about it
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