Happy Star Wars Day!


Avatar Draconid_Jo
06 May 2019 14:40
My parents are more Trekkies than Star Wars fans (my dad in particular, though he never would admit it), but I am still sort of familiar with Star Wars (the older ones, anyway), and I've got to say, it's pretty cool.
Avatar TheOatmealRaisinKING
06 May 2019 09:55
Now I was gonna just put a comment saying may the fourth be with you and all, but this blog is f-BEEP-ing amazing. I have seen every single star wars movie that has ever come out. I grew up not watching the first three, and watching the rest after that in order. Eventually I did end up getting to watch the first three, mosty cuz I was bored and was to lazy to do anything else. They were god damn AMAZING to me by the way. I am probably waisting all of your time right now, so I'm going to make an entire blog dedicated to this. Check it out when it's done.
Avatar CMRocks
05 May 2019 21:47
who disliked this?

It's about freakin Star Wars!

who could dislike that?
Avatar Asparagus
05 May 2019 04:32
So funny Jonah but that’s what I meant by don’t : )
Avatar Skeptical
05 May 2019 15:02
In reply to Asparagus
Avatar Gemini Guardian
05 May 2019 02:04
Rogue One is my all time favourite from the Disney Star Wars movies, i loved it so much

may the fourth be with you all!
Avatar Finrod
05 May 2019 00:53
Yay, tar wor
Avatar Rlad116
05 May 2019 00:34
May the Fourth be with you
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