Avatar redflarezZ
18 May 2019 20:09
what are emotions

where can i buy them
Avatar cdog3789
19 May 2019 02:22
In reply to redflarezZ
oh uh, buy them from mE, yes
Avatar JonahBrake2
13 May 2019 11:24
you've got me feeling emotions
Avatar cdog3789
13 May 2019 12:31
In reply to JonahBrake2
Avatar CMRocks
13 May 2019 03:26
I'm sorry if my comment upset you

I'll keep it in mind that it irks you so as to not say it.

Just, don't call me gay anymore, ok?

I'm losing my patience
Avatar cdog3789
13 May 2019 03:46
In reply to CMRocks
It's ok.

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