The Living Legend: Chapter Four- The Plan


Avatar Dsi gamer
26 May 2019 01:32
Avatar redflarezZ
29 May 2019 00:55
In reply to Dsi gamer
Avatar cdog3789
25 May 2019 19:29
stupidist lmao
Avatar Finrod
25 May 2019 15:52
Zeke just got roasted after paragraph 1 oof.

Also don't wanna be that dude, but imsure you meant "While Zeke explains what we're trying to do" instead of "Zeke explains the what were supposed to do". :u
Avatar redflarezZ
25 May 2019 16:18
In reply to Finrod

wha happened there

man i really didn’t think when i wrote back then
Avatar Finrod
26 May 2019 22:10
In reply to redflarezZ
i legit forgot to put a space for my comment, so yeahh.. happens to everyone.
Avatar acidAPPLE
24 May 2019 23:13
stole my feature o:<
Avatar oswaldo123
24 May 2019 23:19
In reply to acidAPPLE
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