Master of Death, Chapter I: Freak Gene


Avatar Siling-La
21 Jun 2019 05:46
Wow. This is amazing. The characters are really well developed!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
21 Jun 2019 06:12
In reply to Siling-La

It'll probably take a while for any real character development, though.
Really this is more of an introduction to the main character, as well as a few of the basic concepts.

I'm probably going to have a bit of a hard time writing it as a written Story, as it was intended to be a JRPG.
Avatar Siling-La
21 Jun 2019 06:14
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Either way, it is still amazing.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Jun 2019 15:28
this is the start of some good story

i really want to draw Helena and Necky tho' xD
what do they look like?
Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Jun 2019 15:30
In reply to Gemini Guardian
and i searched for pictures of Dracolichs online
and oh boy that's spooky
Avatar Draconid_Jo
19 Jun 2019 16:25
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Yeah, Necky is one VERY spooky-looking Dragon.

The odd thing about the Story, is that both Helena and Necky are not only pretty spooky looking (although depending on one's perspective, Helena could be considered Cute, or even Beautiful, and Necky could be considered Cool), they are also two things that are normally considered Evil (a Necromancer and a Dracolich).

It'll make more sense in the later chapters, though.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Jun 2019 16:34
In reply to Draconid_Jo
huh-- neat

i now excitedly await new chapters, yes
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jun 2019 18:09
Here are some interesting facts about Master of Death:

Helena's Freak Gene and her ability to see and talk to Ghosts are separate.
She just happened to be born with both.

Necrofyrmythyr was originally a (rather spooky looking) Dragon Monster I made in Amazing Island (one of my favorite GameCube Games).

MoD was actually supposed to be a JRPG (Japanese Roleplaying Game, like Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest).
There would have been many different places to explore, and many Side Quests to complete.
(And of course, lots of grinding and farming, lol!)

Although Misandria Adamantia is named after the word "Misandry", she hates a lot more than just men.
In fact, she hates pretty much everything except for the following:
Her Empire
Her Wars
Her War God (Adaman)
The past Queens of Evilonia (although she considers herself superior to all of them)

Although the names Asgard and Helheim are both from Norse Mythology, in MoD they have more in common with Heaven and Hell.

Evilonia is (loosely) based off of the past Imperial Powers of Western Europe (such as the British Empire), as well as modern day NATO.

Helena basically has 3 goals:

Make Midgard Great Again
Make Helheim Great Again
Make Asgard Great Again
(In case that didn't make it obvious, I'm one of those "Deplorables".)
Avatar banjo2
10 Jun 2019 04:45
It could use a tease/hint of the next chapter at the end, to maintain interest. It just kinda drops off.
Avatar Finrod
11 Jun 2019 16:05
In reply to banjo2
Im proud of u admin.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jun 2019 05:02
In reply to banjo2
I see. If there's room, I'll add something like that.
(I'll have to think about how to do it, though.)
The next Chapter is called "The First Necromancer", BTW.
In it, Helena starts to experiment with new types of Magic, assisted by Necrofyrmythyr.
Avatar banjo2
10 Jun 2019 05:27
In reply to Draconid_Jo
If you would do that, that would be great.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jun 2019 10:01
In reply to banjo2
I added a couple of lines to the end, hinting at what's to come (in a humorous way).
BTW, I'll probably post another comment here, listing some MoD Trivia (for those who're intersted).
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jun 2019 04:14
Here's a brief Glossary, explaining some of the names and terminology:

Adaman (from Adam, and Adamantium.)
The God of War.
His worship (Adamantism) is the Official State Religion in Evilonia, and everyone is legally required to practice it.
Adaman is a Humanoid God, and is also considered Evil.

Asgard (name is from Norse Mythology.)
MoD's version of Heaven.
It is where the Humanoid Gods (both Good and Evil) reside, and where those who worship Good Gods go when they die.

AE (After Evilonia)
The number of years since Evilonia's founding.

They don't have phones in Midgard.
Instead, everyone uses a form of Telepathy, that works much the same way.
When Characters are using Telepathy, the dialogue looks like {this}, as opposed to "this".

The Dragonslayer (AKA Datenshi, which is Japanese for "Fallen Angel")
An enormous Meteor that struck Midgard at the end of the Cretaceous.
It supposedly wiped out all of the large Archosaurs (Dinosaurs, Giant Crocodilians, Dragons, etc.), but in Akushina, they believe some survived.

Evilonia (from Evil, and ???.)
Once a medium-sized Kingdom (about the size of India IRL), in the past 1000 years, Evilonia has become a vast Empire, dominating the western half of Terrapin (the main continent).
Evilonia is currently engaged in a bloody war against the two other major World Powers: Velnir (which is similar to Russia), and Akushina (similar to China, but also partly based on Japan), in the east.

Freak Gene
A unique genetic mutation, occuring only in Helena Dusklight.
It is responsible for her abnormal appearance, as well as her IPP rating of 0.
In battle, it causes her Defense stat to match her Attacker's Attack stat, whenever she is hit by a Physical Attack.

Helena Dusklight (from Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld.)
The Main Character.
She is the "Master of Death".

Helheim (name is from Norse Mythology.)
MoD's version of Hell.
All those who worship Evil Gods go there when they die.
In another part of Helheim is where the Drow (Dark Elves) reside.

IEA and IEM (Imperial Evilonian Army, and Imperial Evilonian Magi.)
The two main branches of the Evilonian Military.
Anyone with an IPP of 6 or higher is forced to join the IEA, and anyone with an IMP of 6 or higher must join the IEM.
(If both are above 6, and are equally high, you are allowed to choose which you join.)

IPP and IMP (Innate Physical Power, and Innate Magical Power.)
A form of measurement used to determine one's potential as a Melee Class or Spellcaster.
These normally range between 1 and 10, and 0 and 10, respectively (for humans, anyway), and don't ever change under normal circumstances, even as the individual levels up, and raises their skills.
An IMP rating of 0 means the person can never use Magic, except by using Magical Items.
They can still Pray for Miracles, however.

Midgard (name is from Norse Mythology.)
The Mortal Realm, where most of the Mortal Races live (as well as the Ghosts of those who died, and didn't go to Asgard or Helheim).

Misandria Adamantia (from Misandry, and Adaman.)
The current Queen of Evilonia.
She is married to Andrew Evenstein-Adamantia (he assumed the Adamantia name upon marriage), the former King of Evenstein (which is now a part of the Evilonian Empire), and has four daughters: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Necrofyrmythyr (from Necromancy, and Ether.)
An Ancient Shadow Dragon who lived during the Jurassic, about 200 MYA.
Despite becoming a Dracolich, and living for over 100 Million Years, she was killed by The Dragonslayer at the end of the Cretaceous.

A Magical device used to measure IPP and IMP, as well as check for abnormal Genes.

A small town in Evilonia, located fairly close to Evilonia's Capitol: Palatia.
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