My life-a broken masterpiece


Avatar Siling-La
14 Jul 2019 13:01
Thank you.
Avatar Twix245
14 Jul 2019 13:00
it was totally amazing!
Avatar YTliam2671
21 Jun 2019 21:45
It is called super mario 64 DS
Avatar Siling-La
21 Jun 2019 23:15
In reply to YTliam2671
Um...not quite what I was going for.
Avatar LinkZelda
20 Jun 2019 23:17
A couple of rhymes felt a bit forced but overall not a bad poem.
Avatar Siling-La
20 Jun 2019 23:38
In reply to LinkZelda
I know. This was the only draft I did. I usually write them on paper and then edit them.
Avatar YTliam2671
20 Jun 2019 22:00
read mine tomoroe
Avatar Siling-La
21 Jun 2019 10:06
In reply to YTliam2671
If I see it, I will.
20 Jun 2019 19:40
Reading your poems is starting to inspire me to write more.
I love your poems a lot! ♡
Avatar Siling-La
20 Jun 2019 19:43
Thanks! I'm hoping to write more but I think I'm going to space them rather than all at once.
Avatar JonahBrake2
20 Jun 2019 15:33
You should send this to Skul, he would like this
Avatar banjo2
20 Jun 2019 18:44
In reply to JonahBrake2
Skul reads blogs
Avatar Finrod
21 Jun 2019 23:42
In reply to banjo2
Banjo stop, you're gonna make me chuckle.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
20 Jun 2019 12:53
Avatar Siling-La
21 Jun 2019 09:36
In reply to Gemini Guardian
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