Draconid Joashu's Alternative Pokemon Tiering System


Avatar Siling-La
28 Jun 2019 18:54
I don't have much Pokemon experience, but I think that your setup is really good, and IDK why others think differently.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
29 Jun 2019 04:47
In reply to Siling-La

I wasnt sure about certain details, but I think my logic is sound.

I basically just used the 2 Tier System in the Games as a starting point, and worked from there, using Base Stat totals as a pretty reliable method of determining a Pokémon's effectiveness in Battle.

Obviously, some people feel it should be based on how well MOST PEOPLE do with each individual Pokémon, but I think something more objective, and fact based makes more sense, and I'm glad you feel the same way.

BTW, I know I'm kinda obsessed with it, but did you hear about how Black Kyurem is only OU (the 2nd highest tier), instead of Uber (the highest tier), in the old System?

To me, the guy who's (by far) the best Dragon Master here, that just sounds ridiculous.
Avatar Luisjo96
27 Jun 2019 19:45
For real though, stop, just because he has different views than you and messy grammar doesn't means you should be making fun of him 24/7.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
27 Jun 2019 20:08
In reply to Luisjo96
I couldn't care less about grammar, it's what he's actually saying that gets on my nerves.

If he didn't make it a habit of criticising my blogs, and using factually inaccurate information to do so (like with the Sharpedo thing), I wouldn't even have any issues with him.

I actually did this blog to address his concerns (which are undoubtedly shared by MANY others) about the 2 Tier System in-Game (which is what I'm used to), while simultaneously fixing the inconsistencies and double standards of the current Tiering Systems.
Avatar Luisjo96
27 Jun 2019 19:43
This would be better iffffff
You didn't include the other one as something Finrod made, just to once again, using him as a clown xD
Avatar Draconid_Jo
27 Jun 2019 19:48
In reply to Luisjo96
Just corrected it.

And I wasn't claiming he designed the existing system's, but rather that he's the only reason I knew about them.

In other words: I was giving him credit for informing me of a key aspect of competitive play, one that I was completely unaware of.
Avatar Dedode3
27 Jun 2019 00:22
Just let me use evasion moves, batton pass and 1HKO moves and I'll accept anyone's tier list
Avatar Draconid_Jo
27 Jun 2019 14:05
In reply to Dedode3
Lol, that's fine by me!

The moment I read that Black Kyurem was considered "OU", while (according to Finrod) most Pseudo-Legendaries are considered "Uber", I thought that the system was completely ridiculous, and decided to make an alternative.

In my system, I don't care about people's "opinions" about Pokémon, nor which Pokémon are popular, or which one's do well against ones that are popular.

Instead, I use the 2 Tier System ("Special Pokémon" and regular Pokémon) that exists in the Games as a starting point, and expanded on that, dividing Pokémon primarily based upon their Base Stat totals, rather than anyone's "feelings" about them.

I DID, however, put some restrictions on obviously OP Moves and Items, such as Dark Void, and Soul Dew (they usually restrict Soul Dew in-Game anyway), as well as putting limitations on Mega Evolution, Eviolite, Light Ball, Thick Club, and even Kommonium Z.

IMO, this addresses the concerns of players like Finrod, who choose to use weaker Pokémon, and would rather not face a Team of Pseudo-Legendaries, or other Powerful Pokémon.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
26 Jun 2019 00:56
all my pokemon are so low oooooof
Avatar Gemini Guardian
26 Jun 2019 00:57
In reply to Gemini Guardian
also-- what's the highest base stat required for a pokemon to be in Little Tier?
Avatar Draconid_Jo
28 Jun 2019 06:10
In reply to Gemini Guardian
I just changed the name of "Little Tier" to "Baby Tier", so that it's initials are different than those of the "Legendary Tier", BTW.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
26 Jun 2019 08:55
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Basically, the "Little Tier" is just my name for the Little Cup.

In the Little Cup, you use completely unevolved Pokémon, that are no higher than Level 5.

There are no restrictions on Base Stat totals, however 2 Moves, Dragon Rage, and Sonic Boom, aren't allowed, due to the fact they are WAY too powerful at Level 5.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
26 Jun 2019 00:37
I don't know the Base Stats of a lot of Unevolved/Partially Evolved Pokémon offhand, so if anyone has any suggestions about adjustments to make regarding that, please reply.

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