How to be an Effective Hex Maniac (Pokemon, mainly Gens 6 & 7)


Avatar Draconid_Jo
07 Jul 2019 14:45
Since nobody else mentioned it, I just thought I'd bring up how that Picture of Acerola and Mimikyu on the right is ADORABLE! ^^

I got it off of that E-shuushuu website, BTW.
(And no, I'm NOT going to stop promoting E-shuushuu every chance I get, lol!)
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jul 2019 06:41
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Lol! I just now noticed I said it was on the right, when it's actually on the left!

The one on the right is just a Picture of a Hex Maniac that I took during a Contest in Ω Ruby.
Avatar Luisjo96
04 Jul 2019 00:02
Avatar Draconid_Jo
04 Jul 2019 00:30
In reply to Luisjo96
Lol, thanks!

BTW, not sure if you read (the 1 Chapter of) my Short Story, "Master of Death" or not, but if Helena was a Pokémon Trainer, she'd have a Team along the lines of the following:

Mega Gengar
Gourgeist (because she was born on Halloween)

A mostly Ghost-type Team, with Hydreigon being the only non-Ghost member.
(Because she likes Dark Dragons, like Necrofyrmythyr.)
Avatar Dedode3
02 Jul 2019 19:57
My favorite ghost is Shedinja
Avatar Draconid_Jo
02 Jul 2019 22:05
In reply to Dedode3
Yeah, Shedinja IS a very cool Pokémon.

Shedinja has many weaknesses, and is among the easiest of all Pokémon to take out, HOWEVER, IF you are not prepared for it, or end up in a bad situation, where you have nothing that can take it out, it's basically Invincible.

Personally, although there are tricks you can use (like that Sturdy Shedinja thing), IMO, the best way to use a Shedinja is as is, holding either a Safety Goggles, a Focus Sash, or a Focus Band, although certain offensive items work well, too, such as a Metronome.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
02 Jul 2019 16:48
quick question, what's the best pokemon to use when going to catch ghost pokemon? since the pokemon i use keep 1-hit killing them and they're REALLY hard to bump into
Avatar Draconid_Jo
02 Jul 2019 18:46
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Well, if you have fixed damage moves, like Night Shade, or Dragon Rage, those work well.
(As long as you know the HP of the Pokémon you're trying to catch.)

Also, a Smeargle that knows both Foresight, and False Swipe works well.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
02 Jul 2019 19:35
In reply to Draconid_Jo
ohhh that helps, thank you

also, what's the best way to find ghost-types faster/easily? or are they supposed to be hard to find?
Avatar Draconid_Jo
02 Jul 2019 21:58
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Most are just rare.

It DOES vary depending upon where you are, and what Ghost you're after, however.

I don't remember in X, but as an example, in a place called the Old Chateau (I believe I spelled that right) in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, pretty much the only thing you can catch is Gastly, and there's usually some place like that in each Game, where certain Ghosts are VERY common.
(Most Ghost-types are still rare, however.)
Avatar Draconid_Jo
02 Jul 2019 08:22
One thing I wanted to include (but couldn't, due to the text limit) was a section on the Move "Trick-or-Treat".

It's exclusive to Gourgeist, and it makes it's target part Ghost-type, which can be quite useful, as Ghost-type Moves are Super Effective against Ghost-types.
(Similar to Dragon-types.)

Additionally, if used as a Z-Move, it increases the user's Stats (Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed), making it an EXTREMELY POWERFUL Move.

Also, Trick Room is good for slower Ghosts.
(I'll probably write a blog just about using Trick Room, BTW.)
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