Master of Death, Chapter II: The First Necromancer


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10 Jul 2019 07:47
Here's another Glossary, to explain all of the weird terms I use, and who everybody is:

Aesir (Name is from Norse Mythology.)

The original Gods who inhabitted Asgard, before the Current World Order began.

Alfheim (Name is from Norse Mythology.)

In MoD, this is the portion of Asgard which is still currently occupied by the Light Elves, as well as the Tenshi (Angels), and the Aesir (the original Asgardian Gods).

Balroth (Name is a combination of both Balrog and Morgoth, as well as both Baal, and roth, which means red in German. Balroth is also known as "The Snake", after the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.)

MoD's version of The Devil.
They are the God of Evil, and have ruled over Muspelheim ever since the Current World Order began.
They are considered an Evil, non-humanoid God.

Current World Order (from the Conspiracy Theorist term "New World Order".)

The way the World functions ever since Datenshi struck Midgard, 65 MYA.
In the Current World Order, those who Worship Evil Gods go to Muspelheim, those who Worship Good Gods go to Vanaheim, and those who Worship Neutral Gods, such as the Nature Gods, become Ghosts, and reside in Midgard for all Eternity.

Dark Magic

Basically, this is what in most Fantasy Games would be considered Necromancy, minus the whole "Raising the Dead" part.
In MoD, that Raising The Dead is unique to Helena Dusklight.
(Or is it?)


The Oldest known Religion.
It was the Religion of the Dragons and their Kin, Millions of years ago, and is also the Official State Religion of Akushina, and is widely practiced there.
Unlike the people of Evilonia, the Akushinese have Religious Freedom, however.


The Dark Elves.
They once ruled over all of Helheim, but when the Current World Order began, they were driven out of most of their homeland, by Balroth and their Demonic hordes.
They now reside in Svartalfheim.


The oldest of the humanoid races (other than some of the Fairy Folk, to whom they are closely related), there are 3 main categories of Elves: The Dark Elves of Helheim, the Light Elves of Asgard, and the various Nature Elves of Midgard.
While the Dark and Light Elves mainly Worship the Primal Gods of Death and Life respectively, the Nature Elves mostly Worship Evelyn, the Peace Goddess.

Evelyn (From Eve, Elven, and Evangelical.)

The Goddess of Peace.
She resides within Alfheim, alongside all of the other Aesir, as well as the Light Elves, and the Tenshi (Angels).
Her Worship, known as Evelynism, is widely practiced (albeit secretly) in Evilonia, and it is also the Official State Religion of Velnir.
Although the Velnirese do have Religious Freedom, most of them Worship her, anyway.

Go to Hell

A Dark Magic Spell that Teleports the Caster to Svartalfheim.

Helena Blackheart

The Empress of The Drow.
She is the most powerful Dark Mage alive (other than Helena Dusklight), and has an IPP/IMP rating of 10/14, as well as the "Darkness Gene".

Magical Rucksack

A Magical bag that can carry a nearly infinite amount of items.
(In RPG terms, it's your Inventory.)

Mordecai Grimsoul

The head of the Dark Elven Dark Mages Guild.
He is the 2nd most powerful Dark Magi among the Drow, and has an IPP/IMP rating of 9/12.

Muspelheim (Name is from Norse Mythology)

The portion of Helheim now occupied by Balroth and their Demons.
This is where those who Worship Evil Gods go, and are tortured there by Balroth and their minions for all Eternity.

Old World Order (From the Conspiracy Theorist term "New World Order".)

The way the World worked before Datenshi struck Midgard, 65 MYA.
Back then, rather than going to Asgard or Helheim, all those who died became Ghosts, until they found a suitable Body to reincarnate into.
Also, neither Asgard nor Helheim were divided back then, and those who now reside within Alfheim and Svartalfheim inhabitted ALL of Asgard and Helheim respectively.

Slick Rotfink

An infamous Balroth Worshipper who lived in Shadewood long ago, and was executed after sacrificing 13 innocent children to Balroth, in a botched Demon Summoning Ritual.

Svartalfheim (Name is from Norse Mythology.)

The portion of Helheim where the Drow now reside.

Vanaheim (Name is from Norse Mythology.)

The region of Asgard where the Vanir (the Gods who appeared after the Current World Order began) reside.
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