Stuck at Midnight


Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 04:31
A little Dark (pun intended), but a good Poem.

By "final goodbye", I assume you're referring to Death, right?

If so, you should always remember that the word "final" isn't necessarily accurate, as we all die eventually.
(And hopefully wind up in the same place, although there will always be those who don't, unfortunately.)
Avatar Siling-La
17 Aug 2019 06:32
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Oof! I didn't look at the final featured version! I didn't know the CSS was broken! (I just fixed it!)

Nice one!

Actually, by final goodbye, I meant separation because of our parents. They don't agree with there being an "us". I love her with all my heart, and I would sacrifice almost anything for her, but my/her parents think we are too young for love. I think they are trying to keep us from doing anything sinful (If you know what I mean, and I think you do!) but I can say honestly that we are both grounded in our faith, and would not "do anything" for any reason. We just want to be together, freely, not having to hide our relationship from others. Especially our parents. Only 3 other people know at my school, and I trust them fully. It is hard to keep anything a secret because my dad works there though. I wish we could just be together without feeling guilty about it, or being judged. I wish that those times where she has made my heart stop don't have to be locked away and kept a secret. I wish I could tell my parents how much I miss her so they would know why I'm so "depressed". Our relationship is like a flower grown in a box that no one knows about. There isn't much room for it to grow, there isn't enough air for it to breathe out properly, and there is no sunlight to keep it alive, and yet it survives simply because it has a determination to thrive and survive even given its current delima. That is what it is. That is what we are.

Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 08:07
In reply to Siling-La
Y'know, something tells me that if I were in your position, I'd probably be dang near the exact same as you, lol!
(Everything you just said sounds like how I'd feel in that situation.)

I also would Wish to be with her, and like you, would refuse to do anything Sinful (and I know EXACTLY what you mean), and I'm sure I'd feel depressed if I couldn't be with her.

I really hope that one day I'll find someone I feel that way about, as my dad seems to not care whether or not he has any grandchildren.
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