Ride or Die


Avatar Gnilis-Al
05 Aug 2019 17:14
I don't normally view things with this subject but it is part of our culture, so I might as well face it instead of hiding from it.

I do not believe this subject was at all appropriate or even worth reading but, it was written extremely well. It had great descriptions with vivid details and excellent imagery.

It had a great outline as well, I liked how it wasn't all in one time or place. It made it more interesting.

Overall, I liked it. But I do not think this theme is something I'd spend my time reading.

Great job though! Your writing is amazing!
Avatar Asparagus
05 Aug 2019 22:18
In reply to Gnilis-Al
I appreciate the compliment.

I am an adult so I do write with adult themes frequently. If my blog has an M on it, it’s definitely not because of a few swear words. All I’d advise is not clicking. Thanks for reading though and the feedback.
Avatar Gnilis-Al
06 Aug 2019 00:04
In reply to Asparagus
Oh. I see. The rating symbols actually don't load for me for some reason. I can only see them once I enter the blog. Its weird. I also have to wait about 2 minutes or resize the page for the "X"'s on notifications to work. I also cannot see the accept button for group invitations. I think my 3ds or Wifi is just slow.
Avatar Finrod
06 Aug 2019 00:09
In reply to Gnilis-Al
I don't think you'll have a fun time reading Asp's blogs. Is all really. That way you won't have to repeat yourself constantly with being uncomfortable w/ the theme.
Avatar Gnilis-Al
06 Aug 2019 00:13
In reply to Finrod
Sometimes I enjoy them. I'm not trying to be a hater, I like reading other people's blogs and learning from them. I'm just saying that I did not enjoy this particular theme. I do like how it was written though.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:01
In reply to Gnilis-Al
I'm pretty much looking at it from the same perspective as you, and I also have trouble with the Blog Ratings displaying properly sometimes.
(Pretty much everything displays on my 2DS sometimes, and doesn't other times.)

As for the Poem, TBH, I'm actually a bit of a pervert underneath (I don't usually admit it, though), but I DON'T like the idea of "one night stands" and such, and would NEVER do something like that myself.
(I'm a firm believer in no Sex until Marriage, personally.)

Then again, I'm just some weirdo who's lived his whole Life isolated from the rest of the World, so that might be why I can't understand this sort of behavior.

Still, I'm actually kinda surprised that a Blog like this would even be allowed here, as it's VERY suggestive, to say the least.
(Like you said, it IS well written, though.)
Avatar therobloxmaster
05 Aug 2019 15:38
eh... true
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
05 Aug 2019 00:38
aw ;-; you don't have to be alone, you have us nerds
Avatar Gnilis-Al
05 Aug 2019 17:15
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke


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