My coffee tastes like weed


Avatar cdog3789
09 Aug 2019 22:49
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
07 Aug 2019 03:25
never rlly considered this, but now im realizing how true it is xD
Avatar Thi500
06 Aug 2019 16:06
its ****in science
Avatar Asparagus
06 Aug 2019 17:19
In reply to Thi500
hey u Thiol bahaha
Avatar Thi500
06 Aug 2019 17:24
In reply to Asparagus
aw **** it me
Avatar Gnilis-Al
06 Aug 2019 15:33
Bravo, Professor Asparagus!


Avatar Gemini Guardian
06 Aug 2019 14:27
i literally don't know if this should be E or not

but wow science
how'd you even research this?
Avatar Finrod
06 Aug 2019 21:49
In reply to Gemini Guardian
No it's E, because weed is natural. It's not a drug!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:13
In reply to Finrod

I have a rather Libertarian view when it comes to the whole "Weed" thing, and besides the fact that (IMHO) it has been unfairly treated relative to other substances (like Alcohol and Tobacco), I think that it's ridiculous to outlaw a Plant, especially one that seems to have so many medicinal uses.
(I'm by no means an expert on this stuff, however, and have never personally used Marijuana myself.)

Anyway, this was an interesting Blog, and I DEFINITELY like reading Educational Blogs, and might write some Science Blogs myself, after reading this.

You can expect them to mainly be about Animals and Plants and stuff, though, especially Fish and Reptiles.
(I'm both a Dinosaur Nerd, and a Shark Nerd, and have been so since I was like 3, lol!)
Avatar Asparagus
06 Aug 2019 17:19
In reply to Gemini Guardian
I have the power of God and internet on my side
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