Blood on my hands


Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Aug 2019 20:27
worrisome aaaaaaaaaaa
Avatar WahooWa123
11 Aug 2019 03:37
damn asp you almost had me about to go and faint in panic
Avatar Luisjo96
10 Aug 2019 16:06
The sequel we didn't know we wanted.
Avatar Siling-La
10 Aug 2019 05:08
I literally thought this was real for a second! You had me scared. lol!
Avatar Finrod
09 Aug 2019 23:47
You actually frightened me for a moment. What a great display of recreating a plea for help, sheeesh.
Avatar Asparagus
09 Aug 2019 23:51
In reply to Finrod
Excellent. That was what I was trying to go for.
Avatar Finrod
10 Aug 2019 02:29
In reply to Asparagus
I also didn't read the part where it said "In short story" and I was like: Are you OKAY?!
Avatar Asparagus
10 Aug 2019 04:15
In reply to Finrod
Dying of laughter
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