Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 06:07
You know, this is probably one of my favorite Poems of all, actually.
(And not just because you used the word "dragon" in it, although I liked that as well.)

That message at the end gives me Hope for my Future, BTW, as one of my greatest fears is that I'll never be able to find my True Love, get Married, and have Children, which is something I Wish to do more than anything.
(There's a lot of reasons I'm afraid I might not be able to, BTW, including my current idiotic situation with my dad, as well as the fact I'm a bit of a weirdo because of how he raised me.)
Avatar WahooWa123
11 Aug 2019 03:19
that moment when you realize everyone's a better poet than you
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 06:10
In reply to WahooWa123
Don't be so hard on yourself, I've read quite a few of your Poems, and they're good.

The most important thing is that your Poetry is expressing what you feel inside, or that it's conveying some sort of important message.

As long as your Poems are doing either of those things, they're VERY good Poems, at least IMO.
Avatar algerbrafun
11 Aug 2019 01:54
wow! thi featured this im flattered i might write another but like L's real name ill have to do the name under an allias
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
11 Aug 2019 05:54
In reply to algerbrafun
shut up hhhhhh
Avatar Siling-La
11 Aug 2019 21:02
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke
I find this comment offensive.
Avatar Siling-La
13 Aug 2019 21:55
In reply to Siling-La
Avatar Skeptical
10 Aug 2019 23:37
a nice break from all the asparagus
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Aug 2019 04:39
In reply to Skeptical
jokes on you i actually preferred asparagus
Avatar Finrod
10 Aug 2019 23:47
In reply to Skeptical
Avatar Asparagus
10 Aug 2019 23:41
In reply to Skeptical
Avatar Siling-La
11 Aug 2019 00:04
In reply to Asparagus
It's okay. We still love you, Asp.
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