Reality part 2?


Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 06:15
Well, it's definitely not as good as the 1st part, but it's still a really good Poem.
(I'm not saying that because of the spelling mistakes or the length, BTW, but just because it'd be dang near impossible to make another one as good as the 1st part, although I suspect you will again, eventually.)
Avatar Siling-La
11 Aug 2019 03:59
"learning from the best"
Avatar Thi500
11 Aug 2019 02:49
a little short but ill allow it.
Avatar algerbrafun
11 Aug 2019 03:39
In reply to Thi500
im working on it im not the best maybe 1 day thou. and Thx so much!
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