I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time 3


29 Aug 2019 21:53
Avatar Torpid
28 Aug 2019 22:39
buuuurpppp im sick like really sick but 5 stars tho
Avatar Draconid_Jo
28 Aug 2019 17:01
This Story keeps getting better and better.

I enjoyed this one more than the previous 2, as it had more human emotion in it IMO.
Avatar Finrod
28 Aug 2019 01:11
Asparagus gave a name to a side character. Possible future encounters???????
Avatar Asparagus
28 Aug 2019 02:29
In reply to Finrod
This isn’t the first side character to get a name
Avatar Finrod
28 Aug 2019 03:25
In reply to Asparagus
But like 3/4s of the chapter is about Izzy, you can't fool me!
Avatar WahooWa123
27 Aug 2019 23:20
You write really good stories, can't wait for the next one!
Avatar Siling-La
27 Aug 2019 21:45
So far, so good! I really like this. I could feel the emotion.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
27 Aug 2019 21:19
i always wondered what kinds of fans stick out in a famous person's memory
what kinds of fans they dislike or like

this kinda answers that in a wayyy
Avatar Thi500
27 Aug 2019 18:14
if only these were longer. i really dig the famous person that doesnt want to be kind of arcs
Avatar Asparagus
27 Aug 2019 20:23
In reply to Thi500
Once I have a bit more time to put into it, they will be. I’m in the car right now and have been all day so it’s hard to focus haha. But I had the idea for this chapter and wanted to get it out
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