battle story thing


Avatar WahooWa123
09 Sep 2019 14:52
oof, my comment got deleted
Avatar Gemini Guardian
09 Sep 2019 15:11
In reply to WahooWa123
really? yike
Avatar DamiensPROfile
06 Sep 2019 02:55
That was so cool!
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 Sep 2019 01:21
In reply to DamiensPROfile
Avatar Draconid_Jo
04 Sep 2019 18:59
Thanks for all the help, Mimi.

I think I have a pretty good idea of how I plan to handle this sort of stuff in MoD now, BTW, so I really appreciate all of this, as well as that PM you sent me before.
(Not to mention Copying and Pasting Chapter 3 into the Blog for me.)
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 Sep 2019 19:03
In reply to Draconid_Jo
i tryy

i'm just glad this helpedd
Avatar Finrod
04 Sep 2019 01:13
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 Sep 2019 01:14
In reply to Finrod
reply to comment
Avatar Luisjo96
03 Sep 2019 13:40
Inevitable is this a jojo reference comments incoming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

But good stuff.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Sep 2019 13:43
In reply to Luisjo96

thank you grandad
Avatar Thi500
03 Sep 2019 12:18
oh? you’re approaching me?
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Sep 2019 12:34
In reply to Thi500
the reference would've been cooler if i had gotten to that part in the anime
Avatar Siling-La
03 Sep 2019 11:27
"unknowm to Dante"

I like this. A bit confusing, but it's dedicated to acid, so it's automatically perfect!
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Sep 2019 12:33
In reply to Siling-La
also fixed

wow thank you
do you mind explaining why it's confusing?
Avatar Siling-La
04 Sep 2019 02:19
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Well, it started in the middle of all of the action, so it's hard to understand the setting. Also, It doesn't explain what a Dray Soldier is.

But it was still good.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 Sep 2019 03:55
In reply to Siling-La
well yep, that's so the reader's imagination can run wild, so that they can add to the story however they want

and a Dray soldier is basically a giant with some dragon-like features
Avatar banjo2
03 Sep 2019 08:28
"She quickly Dante"
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Sep 2019 08:32
In reply to banjo2
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