Dead to Me


Avatar Finrod
10 Sep 2019 15:53
Okay but like damn, so Serena really asked for help talking to her old best friend, and Henry was like “k lemme shower first”. Lmao
Avatar Finrod
10 Sep 2019 15:57
In reply to Finrod
Okay wait ****, I just reread it. But I thought the part where she knew she was “lying” was just psychological rage. I don’t know if you’re implying theyactually had an affair, or if it’s just her being psycho-paranoid . Fuuuck
Avatar Asparagus
10 Sep 2019 17:06
In reply to Finrod
In my mind

She got there just as he was getting in the shower without knowing he was about to shower (literally just before main character got home) and was being honest but the main character is a psycho
Avatar Finrod
10 Sep 2019 17:37
In reply to Asparagus
Okay that explains it, BUT what was Serena doin tho???
Avatar Asparagus
10 Sep 2019 20:46
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Finrod
10 Sep 2019 15:46
That escalated fast.
Avatar Thi500
10 Sep 2019 03:55
i mean at least she’s straight amirite
Avatar Finrod
10 Sep 2019 15:51
In reply to Thi500
Avatar jaketheguy
10 Sep 2019 02:22
stay casual stay calm
Avatar Star Shadow
10 Sep 2019 02:17
Damn. I thought my break up with my best friend was bad. Regardless if this is exactly what happened, you'll recover. It'll take time but you'll move on like I have.
Avatar algerbrafun
10 Sep 2019 01:19
my friend read this and said the end is me and liars. -she said it jokingly- its really good thou. scrap that amazing
Avatar JasonFurious4
10 Sep 2019 01:19
its not real guys! it happens but its not real! great story btw that was... as usual... GORY C:
Avatar Gemini Guardian
10 Sep 2019 01:00
oh no the pp
Avatar Rlad116
09 Sep 2019 23:48
She may have 🤔
Avatar Asparagus
10 Sep 2019 00:03
In reply to Rlad116
She may have what
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