Smash Bros Stream


Avatar banjo2
15 Sep 2019 04:20
That was fun! Thanks, I hope next time, more people can/will come.
Avatar banjo2
15 Sep 2019 04:47
In reply to banjo2
And if enough people come, maybe MK8D?
Avatar Skunkman
15 Sep 2019 02:03
Gumptendo is the arena, 8472 is the password.
Avatar aidansocool
14 Sep 2019 20:03
Avatar Finrod
11 Sep 2019 11:35
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Sep 2019 04:41
i don't have a switch, but i'd like to come watchh
Avatar Skunkman
11 Sep 2019 02:42
Aww people shouldn't down vote Thi. You can't be wrong doing what you believe is right.

My goal wasn't really for self promotion, it was more for trying to get people together like back in the Wii times with Smash.

I don't know what the turnout will be with this blog in hiding, but we'll see!
Avatar Divine Crusader
10 Sep 2019 22:25
Wouldn't mind beating both of you 🤐
Avatar Rlad116
11 Sep 2019 19:11
In reply to Divine Crusader
We still haven't played
Avatar Divine Crusader
11 Sep 2019 19:32
In reply to Rlad116
Seems like you're too busy for everyone else 😒
Avatar Rlad116
11 Sep 2019 19:39
In reply to Divine Crusader
Maybe if you messaged me on discord 🙃😶
Avatar Divine Crusader
10 Sep 2019 22:17
Good job, Thi.

And will Danny be joining in too Skunk?
Avatar HullBreach
11 Sep 2019 19:13
In reply to Divine Crusader
I’ll try to be there but will probably be last place, since I haven’t played SSB in so long.
Avatar banjo2
10 Sep 2019 20:01
I'll see if I can mke it
Avatar Thi500
10 Sep 2019 15:26
skunkman, I love you, but I don’t think self promotion is a good use of the featured blogs
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