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Avatar Siling-La
at 21 Jul 2019 00:57
Yeah, I don't have access to the current email account, to be able to change it, so please help me with that.
Avatar CMRocks
at 16 Jul 2019 18:02

how can you have been here since 2006 if the site was made in 2009?

danny wizard
Avatar KingofDarkness
at 07 Jul 2019 03:18
HullBreach <3
Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 17 Jun 2019 22:23
This is my current Signature:
"……想像力が 足りないよ"

And this is my original Signature:
"……Souzouryoku ga Tarinaiyo."
—Denshousha Higana

With both of these, I experienced the exact same problem.
(Of wiping upon entering my Settings page, unless I didn't save anything.)
Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 08 Jun 2019 01:31
I'm not sure if commenting on your Profile is the proper way of asking this, but I had a question:
Is there any way to make it keep my Signature?
I seem to have to reenter it every time I make a change to my Profile (using my 2DS Browser, BTW).
Any feedback will be appreciated (even if you can't change it).
BTW, I think this is a really great site! I hope more people come here.

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