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Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 21 Jul 2019 07:12
I'm about to turn down the Friend Request, and send you another one.

Also, I started a Bulletin Board Thread, about Ideas for ways that future Pokémon Games could be improved, by either adding new things, or bringing back old ones.

I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 20 Jul 2019 15:50
pfffbtbtbtprft stop stalling you squidd
Avatar banjo2
at 20 Jul 2019 05:24
Avatar banjo2
at 20 Jul 2019 05:18
o ok *curl up into a sad but rlly cute ball*
Avatar CMRocks
at 20 Jul 2019 05:12
I meant I'll be pestered to vote when I turn 18

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