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Avatar Finrod
at 21 May 2019 15:34
I think that’s reffered to the “anything goes” tier lol, I mean there are some illegial hacked Pokémon in there, and Pokémon with moves they shouldn’t have, so idk really.
Avatar Finrod
at 20 May 2019 13:35
Random battles in Wi-if is already a huge difference lol. First of all there are tiers, and judging from your suggested Pokémon’s, like mega Salamance, etc. Your probably an Uber tier, which is basically just spamming the same OP pokemon lol. In that tier you can basically have everything, and everyone just one shots each other. So if your unlucky enough to be outsped once by literaly any pokemon, your kind of dead. I personally prefer the Underused and Overused tier. Because its less spammy, the team you have would in fact be one shot by a pokemon up in the Uber tier. Or not, the team could pull out a blissey and just stall you out, or a mega aggron. A normal competitive player would know if your Pokémon could learn fire blasts/flamethrower, etc. It’s about learning what your opponent has so you can counter it any way you can. Your dragon team is predictable, because its known already and done to death. dragon dance and speed boost, is REALLY broken as you know, so I’m saying a player could tell from just looking at your team, and seeing that its all dragons? They could hypothesize who you’re going to send out first, and what your strat already is. I mean what devices do you own? Do you have an iPad or phone? Showdown is compatible with those I’m sure, I would battle you lol.
Avatar SkulHedFace
at 20 May 2019 03:33
Your profile broke
Avatar CMRocks
at 19 May 2019 20:58
yeah, no problem

it's ok, we all defend things that we like

I am indeed religious. Thank you for the respect. I'm Catholic and even though I get made of fun of for it, I'm proud to be one.
Avatar Finrod
at 13 May 2019 15:49
Hey lol, don’t devalue my comment. Your pokemon blog is genuinely interesting. I’m just a little confused on your whole battle tactic within competitive because i think it’s quite not as viable. I’m not spouting nonsense because i think you don’t know it. In fact I’m sure you know a lot more about current gen than i do. I’m saying some of those methods you’re praising could be easily countered with said information. Just like how you stated Shedingas downfalls!!! No hate.

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