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Avatar TheLegend27
at 30 Jul 2019 12:08
my profile rivals yours now
Avatar Siling-La
at 20 Jul 2019 06:45
Aye yi yi! MY EYEBALLS!!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 20 Jul 2019 06:43
Same here!

We have a lot of really Creative people here, and a lot of Pokémon Players, and even a few really Creative Pokémon Players, like you and me!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 19 Jul 2019 18:20
I started a Bulletin Board Thread recently, about ideas of what would improve future Pokémon Games.

If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it if you'd post them there.

Avatar Draconid_Jo
at 06 Jul 2019 12:50
Same here!
(I've only ever participated in 1, however, unless you count the ones were I was Teamed up with NPCs, or my sister.)

I'm not sure who to invite, though.
Any ideas?

It seems like many of the Best Players here either don't have the latest Games (like Luisjo, and Finrod), or are unavailable for other reasons (like Angela, and possibly Thi), so that needs to be considered, as well.

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