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at 22 Feb 2019 00:11
Thank you!! <3
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 16 Feb 2019 05:03
Mm, Ok.
Avatar Joshdog
at 15 Feb 2019 03:24
@Nearan Unable to respond on your profile, since its private, but no. Haven't said a single thing to you with the intention of being rude.
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 14 Feb 2019 04:14
Weren't you the one that was rude to me?
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:49
Cook me some pancakes please, heres the mix *Hands over hungry jack pancake mix* Actually, save it for yourself 'cause my 3Ds is passing.

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