Dsi gamer: bridgett
Boxie Boxie Boxie

Avatar CMRocks2
at 04 Dec 2019 04:46
Holy shte I can't see!
Avatar YTliam2671
at 01 Nov 2019 23:53
oh is it called stick page if to whats your user name
Avatar reml.o_x
at 30 Oct 2019 01:44
Avatar kyleyoung
at 13 Oct 2019 20:54
can i have the room dsi royle
Avatar kyleyoung
at 12 Oct 2019 07:45
can i have the room dsi royle
Avatar TheLegend27
at 10 Oct 2019 21:43
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 08 Oct 2019 14:16

that means the email is already being used
Avatar Skeptical
at 08 Oct 2019 14:16
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 07 Oct 2019 20:40
did it work?
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 07 Oct 2019 20:18
well, maybe you're not doing one of the following correctly;

A username is required.
A first name is required.
An email address is required.
The password must be at least 8 characters long.
Retyping the password is required.
Answer the human confirmation question.
You must accept the terms.

either those, or something such as the username or email being used is already used by someone else
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