<h1>STALKER SMILEY</h1><p><em>Because Big Brother Is Not Watching You Enough</em></p>

at 03 Feb 2019 13:59
You should update your profile, Lauren.
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 18 Dec 2018 04:57
Am I the only one disturbed by the fact Google/Apple Tracks Your Every Move Via Phone?
Avatar acidAPPLE
at 11 Oct 2018 22:47
Even without wings I can still fly!

Avatar Finrod
at 11 Oct 2018 12:29
Avatar Rlad116
at 11 Oct 2018 05:40
Avatar Finrod
at 03 Oct 2018 12:33
Whoa what it was your birthday two days ago dang, hbd. Haha it’s my bday today lol
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 03 Oct 2018 01:33
You're welcome :3
Avatar HefMan4
at 02 Oct 2018 23:33
Avatar oswaldo123
at 02 Oct 2018 19:45
No problem, hope you enjoyed it!
Avatar JonahBrake2
at 02 Oct 2018 19:36
No problem :p

Gr8 l8ke m8, w8 what st8?
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